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Starting your own digital product business is a rewarding endeavor! From the potential for passive income and flexible lifestyles to unlimited niche opportunities and the joy of creative expression. Download our FREE guide to learn how to get started as a digital CEO this year!

The Roadmap 3.0 Course 

Comprehensive content, tailored specifically to women who are ready to start a digital business FAST! 

The Roadmap 3.0 Course for Digital CEO's

A course that guides you through the entire process of setting up your online business step-by-step and allows you to make 100% profit on the resell (if you choose to sell it). 

Once you have purchased The Roadmap 3.0 Course, it becomes yours immediately to resell. Because you own the rights, you always make 100% profit and your customers pay you directly. With each and every sale, you get paid immediately.

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If you’re ready to escape the culture of burnout, start your digital marketing business TODAY, and create a life with more joy, time for your family, and more fulfillment, I recommend the Roadmap 3.0 course to get your systems set-up to help you scale. 

Hello, my name is Talia Beckett Davis and I'm the Creator of the Public Relations Academy, Founder of Women in PR North America, and Pink Pearl PR. But, here's a secret... I didn't figure this all out on my own. In fact, I've learned from other female entrepreneurs that the #1 thing that will grow your digital product business is a system that combines courses, digital products, and services. With digital products it's possible to scale your business, without more time from you! If you want to create more freedom in your business, then knowing how to monetize with a 1:many offer like an online course, is a must. The Roadmap 3.0 course not only teaches you HOW, but it's also the course you can actually SELL as your offer to help you get started quickly. 


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Let’s break down exactly what you’re getting in The Roadmap 3.0 Course, and how you can get the best price with some exclusive offers when you register through my business.

The core Roadmap 3.0 system is only $497, and the training modules are just the beginning. The course includes over 350 video lessons with full support. You will also receive access to coaching calls, and you can view the calendar in advance so you can plan your schedule.

The sessions are also recorded, so you can revisit them anytime. The sessions are scheduled every month, and they are extremely valuable. You can access them when you sign-up for the Roadmap 3.0 course through my business.

On top of the coaching calls, you will also get access to a growing community of over 18,000 entrepreneurs to help you get clarity on your specific questions. They are live inside the Roadmap 3.0 course platform to respond to comments.

Bonus Materials

On top of all that, when you register for the Roadmap 3.0 course through my business, you can add the Roadmap VIP Business Bundle to your order to receive additional templates, printables, and Master Reseller Products from me! This bundle is not available for sale separately, but you will receive them at a discounted rate when you sign-up for the Roadmap 3.0 course

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The Roadmap 3.0 Course with Master Reseller Rights is a game-changer if you don't know where to start. It not only provides valuable insights into entrepreneurship, but it empowers you to share these insights with others, thanks to its reseller rights feature.

One of the standout features of the Roadmap 3.0 course is its comprehensive content. It covers every aspect of entrepreneurship, from ideation to execution, marketing strategies to profitability. Each module is crafted to provide actionable steps, making it suitable for both beginners and seasoned entrepreneurs.

What sets the Roadmap 3.0 course apart from other Master Reseller Rights products is its focus on empowering female entrepreneurs. The content is curated to address the specific challenges and opportunities that women face with work/life balance, burnout, and mental health. It offers practical advice on overcoming obstacles, building confidence, and leveraging one's unique strengths so that you can stand out online.


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I’m thrilled to review the Roadmap 3.0 course. I believe that it will help you find clarity on how to set-up your digital products business, so that you can focus on what matters to get results.


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