My Story

Hi, I'm Talia

I build influential brands using my proven public relations systems across the globe.

I’m the Founder of the Organization of American Women in Public Relations and the Organization of Canadian Women in Public Relations. I have the established network and the expertise to really help you grow your business. In 2017, NASDAQ recognized me as a PR Influencer, and PR Week showcased how I’m helping women in my field succeed.   

I've worked with some of the largest brands in North America at my PR agency, Pink Pearl PR to help them get featured in high profile media outlets and grow their sales. When you work with me, I’m going to help you learn exactly how you can take your business to the next level. 

My clients are purpose driven business leaders that want to challenge the status quo and feel inspired. They work with me to showcase their impact and grow their business through PR strategy. Many of my clients are in finance, renewable energy and other professional industries that want to impact millions of lives. 

At Pink Pearl PR, I work with clients that want to showcase their brand to a female audience. For every client we work with, we donate to KIVA to support female entrepreneurs in developing countries. Pink Pearl PR is more than just an agency, our purpose is to advocate for the PR profession as a whole.

As the Founder of Women in PR North America, I personally create content that teaches PR professionals how to develop an effective strategy and connect them with media so they can thrive.

I taught Crisis Communications in the Public Relations Certificate program at Simon Fraser University and I have a Sustainable Business Strategy Certificate from Harvard Business School.

A consummate professional with a keen eye for detail, Talia has an incredible level of passion and deeply invests in the success of every project she touches. Her committment to client service is unparalleled, and she delivers thoughtful strategy that translates into effective tactics to achieve the goals of those she works with. Talia also has a kindness and compassion for others that makes her an exceptional coach and mentor, as well as a master networker and connector. Talia also demonstrates excellent balance in her work and personal life that we can all model and learn from. - Elisha McCallum

It means the world to me to know that I’m making a difference.

It means the world to me to know that  I’m making a difference.

In 2012, I moved to London, England from Canada to follow my dreams of working in international business. I completed my Master’s Degree in International Relations and I was ready to take on the world! In Cardiff, Wales I wrote the business plan for Pink Pearl PR on a cocktail napkin. I landed my first PR client and I went on to work with leading brands across the globe, helping them to get featured in high profile publications and become memorable. 

In 2016, I felt a calling to give back to my industry and help other women in my field succeed. I started the Organization of Canadian Women in Public Relations and one year later I launched the Organization of American Women in Public Relations. Through this network, I created meaningful relationships with women in public relations and media professionals. I work hard to help others move into leadership positions and get a seat at the boardroom table. 

I’ve spent the last few years studying online marketing trends and learning from many leading business owners. What worked in marketing a few years ago, doesn’t work today. You need to stay on top of marketing trends to grow your sales and learn from others that have the brand success you desire.

It means the world to me to know that  I’m making a difference.

It is rare to come across someone as passionate as Talia. Over the past year, I have had the pleasure to work closely with Talia at Pink Pearl Public Relations and the Organization of Canadian Women in Public Relations. Talia demonstrates not only mastery in public relations, but she excels in balancing the many roles and projects that she manages. Talia is a great mentor, boss, and public relations professional. It is so refreshing to meet a woman that wants other women to succeed alongside her, not against her. - Meg Sharpley


Talia in the Media

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