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The Instagram Lab

Your time is precious, don’t spend it posting on Instagram without a well planned strategy. Your brand needs to have an Instagram marketing strategy to meet its online business objectives. You need a strategy that is focused on where your audience is spending the most time and you need to ensure that everything you post is worth your effort.


The Public Speaking Lab

Public speaking is almost an essential for success nowadays—and definitely a major factor in creating a powerful brand. Those who take their courage into their hands and accept or seek speaking engagements outstrip their competitors in branding, authority and reach.

When it comes to showing off your expertise and being seen as the authority you are, there aren’t many better avenues than speeches and other presentations.


If you are considering a career in public relations, this is a great place to start.

Learn what a public relations practitioner does in a modern technologically connected world. Learn about key public relations activities and how to overcome communications roadblocks.  

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I’ve spent the last few years studying online marketing trends and learning from many leading business owners. What worked in marketing a few years ago, doesn’t work today. You need to stay on top of marketing trends to grow your sales and learn from others that have the brand success you desire. 

The Freelance Pricing Lab

Imagine if YOU called the shots about what packages and services to offer your customers. Imagine working a schedule that suits you and your family. Imagine breaking away from a fixed salary and working a job where the sky’s the limit when it comes to income. Imagine getting to do meaningful work that you actually care about for a living!


The Professional Writing Lab

Today, we’re more likely to connect with people digitally than face-to-face. If you’re engaged in any type of business online or off, you need to be able to convey your ideas and interact effectively with your audience. That’s where professional writing skills come in.

Professional writing is any type of writing you do in the course of your career or business ­– it includes everything from emails to blog posts to sales pages. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a “writer,” these forms of written communication are essential to master.


"I had the opportunity to work with Talia for our online magazine. She wrote a shopping guide article for strollers that was informative and well received by our readers. Talia really knows her clients and the products she is promoting! We would definitely choose Talia to write other articles in the future!"

Carrie Griffin
AKA Mom Magazine

The Email Marketing Lab

Businesses have been using newsletters for years. However, many people do not realize the true power of a monthly newsletter as a PR tool. When used effectively, newsletters can provide cost-effective medium for building relationships and maintaining regular contact with your current and prospective clients. This leaves you more room in your marketing budget for other promotional activities.


The Affiliate Marketing Lab

Learn how to promote products and services through affiliate programs to create new business revenue streams.


The New Sales Lab

As a business owner you need a steady stream of new and returning clients so that you can know without a doubt what your profits will look like from month to month. You need to have a predictable workflow so that you can create a budget and a plan to focus on growing your business.


Learn something NEW every month in the Public Relations Academy.

The Public Relations Academy membership is a “done-with-you” opportunity. It includes a monthly PR plan, pitch templates and influence building strategy. You could apply our strategy to your own business, build your personal brand as an industry influencer, or use it for your clients publicity.

The Reputation Lab

Have you had to counteract negative publicity for your personal brand, your organization or your client online? What did you do? Did it work? If you had the opportunity to do it again, what would you do differently? What if you had a step-by-step plan to guide you to manage your online reputation or your client's reputation?


The New Client Onboarding Lab

You’ve just landed a new client. You feel the rush of signing with a new brand. It’s exciting; no matter how long you’ve been in business. What’s your next step?

Once you’ve closed the deal, you need to hold your first meeting and onboard your new client the right way. You want to ensure they feel that they have made the right choice to hire you.


The Influence Lab

Your ideas and the content you create are quickly shared and taken to heart. Most importantly, people respect your experience and trust your knowledge. When influential people speak, their target audience hangs onto every word. The audience recognizes that there is significant value in what the influencer has to share, and that there are positive rewards for following his or her advice. That is the power of influence: to affect behaviour because of the reputation you have earned as a reliable leader and problem-solving specialist in a particular field, someone who always has his or her followers’ best interests at heart.


"Talia’s professionalism is outstanding. She always works hard for her clients and is highly reliable and will get the job done efficiently."

Michelle Rivera
Emmy Winning T.V. Host & Lifestyle Blogger