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Hello, my name is Talia Beckett Davis and I'm the Creator of the Public Relations Academy. But, here's a secret... I didn't figure this all out on my own! In fact, I followed the advice of a well-known membership expert. His signature program, the Membership Experience, is currently open for enrollment. As a first step, please register to save your spot . Then scroll down to grab some more free resources! I'm part of this amazing community so I will be there working with you on this. 

Before I met Stu, I had my hands on so many different parts of my business, but I didn’t really grasp what it took to grow my business. No matter how many coaches and courses I invested in, I kept a slippery grip on so many pieces of content without really taking the time to digest everything.  

I wasn’t making consistent money. I wasn’t getting new clients consistently, or leads for that matter. What changed? A membership coach. Finally - some great insights on how to grow my business and create recurring revenue. I used some principles he shared with me, along with some parts of my business that were working… and I started getting more clients in a new way.  

I started making consistent money. Fast forward to now, and I’m thankful to be a successful business owner, wife, mom, and boss babe. Looking back at the mess I’d made of my business for years, I was determined to help other women avoid the same mistakes. Maybe your business isn’t as messy as mine was. Maybe you already have a proven offer, and just need a consistent flow of leads and clients.  

Maybe you don’t have an offer at all, but you’ve nailed down a niche and your target audience. You’re just looking for the right catalyst to launch your business. Maybe you’re clueless about how to really streamline your business online.  

No matter where you are with your business if you’ve ever wondered how to create an irresistible offer, market to your audience with ease, and scale your business fast… You can start TODAY by clicking here to access this membership program.

Let me do what a coach did for me years ago, and get you on the right track to consistent clients and revenue with this amazing resource. If you want to work with me throughout the experience, get your name on my list below so I can send you some additional resources.  

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Do you want to start creating your membership with me and Stu? Join this FREE workshop. You’ll get strategies, tools, and support from Stu's tight-knit community to make your dreams of a thriving, low stress, recurring revenue business a reality. You will be working on your idea with us at the workshop. Let's make it happen! 

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-Talia Beckett Davis 


Build, market and sell your online coursemembership site or coaching program with no coding, no hiring, no learning curve, and no broken integrations. I use this for my membership site.



The Public Relations Academy membership is a “done-with-you” opportunity. It includes a monthly PR plan, pitch templates and influence building strategy.