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Add the Unique Brand Story planner to your order to take action with your new brand image. 

Branding is a lifelong process and it comes from learning from the good and the bad. There are so many ways that you can create your brand and establish yourself as an expert in your field.

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48 Hour Side Hustle Planner

Do you want to put your talents to better use in your own business? It all starts with creating your side-hustle plan that might just become your new full-time job!

We have created a 48-hour side hustle planner to help you brainstorm your new business idea and take the next step towards your success as a female entrepreneur.

The planner is 58 pages with detailed action steps that you can take to build your business in only 48 hours. 

If you’re like most female entrepreneurs, chances are you’ve spent a fair number of hours contemplating what life will be like when you can finally…

  • Decide your own pay rate (instead of waiting for that oh-so generous 2% cost of living increase at the end of the year)
  • Set your own working hours and work from home (or maybe from a lounge chair by the pool)
  • Choose your own clients that you LOVE working with

Unfortunately, for many would-be female entrepreneurs…

Dreams Never Seem To Turn Into Reality

So many promising female entrepreneurs are derailed by a lack of confidence and direction. It’s understandable, really.

After all, you struggle with…

  • Finding a profitable business idea and niche (that isn’t already done to death)
  • Scaling the steep learning curve of a host of necessary tools and software
  • Creating in-demand products, programs or services—and figuring out how to market them

Even if you do manage to get clear on all of the many (many) pieces and parts that go into creating a viable business…

You’re Left Feeling Overwhelmed At All There Is To Do

How can you possibly organize all your notepads, sticky notes, emails, random thoughts, trainings, books and folders into some sort of logical order? Where do you even begin?

Even if you think you have a viable business idea it can seem impossible to develop a full-fledged brand from it.

You have to figure out…

  • Who your clients are and what they really need (and are willing to pay for)
  • How much you can charge (too little is just as bad as too much)
  • How to reach your market (because even the best program will sit on the shelf if you don’t know how to promote it)

All that dreaming and wishing won’t provide a solid plan, and sometimes it just feels easier to keep your day job.

You don’t have to settle for being dreamer.

Let us help you create your Dream Business in 48 Hours!

This planner is designed to move you closer to your entrepreneurial dreams by providing exactly the information you need, right when you need it. No more floundering; no more chaos; no more confusion.

Just a rock-solid plan to take you from cube dweller to lady boss—in less time than it takes to negotiate a raise.

We will help you ensure your new business has wings, so you don’t have to worry it will sink like a stone and leave you with nothing to show for your efforts.

There’s more to starting a business than just a good idea. You also need to ensure a steady stream of paying clients. Not only that, but you need to know that you’ll still love your business in a few months—and even years—or you’ll quickly burn out.

By the time you work through the planner, you’ll know for sure that your idea is viable, and that you have what it takes to see it through to completion. That information alone will put you far ahead of those dreamers out there who are still waiting for the perfect opportunity to come along.